About me

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This is who I am

I am Vicente. I was born and raised in one of the best cities in the World: Madrid (Spain), where I live with my wonderful family: my wife Blanca, a Life Warrior herself, and the best that could ever have happened to us: Andrea and Diana

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about training and being fit. I have spent more hours training and reading about training than I can remember, I have had my own personal training business, and all those experiences have been really useful for me to develop healthy habits without giving up those small pleasures which make life worth it: have a beer with friends, enjoy the awesome mediterranean food, have a reasonable social life… all of it while staying in shape, strong, healthy and agile.

More about me

In Life Warrior I want to share all those experiences so other people can find here the ideas, the inspiration or the motivation to find their own way of physical and mental well being

As a proper Life Warrior, I have a full time job which requires from me a lot of dedication; many hours and a lot of traveling, which together with family duties, leave very little time for training.

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If all this somehow relates to you, I hope all the information we share in this page will be useful for you šŸ™‚