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Enjoy the journey and you will reach your destination faster than you can imagine

The real fight is in the everyday life: work, family, housekeeping… and we don’t have time to waste. We want our workouts to be short, intense, complete and not requiring a lot of space or fancy equipment. We want to be able to train anywhere and we want to see results

Welcome to your home, Life Warrior!

If you have a job which demands from you a lot of time and energy, a family to take care of, multiple duties and obligations… if you wish days had 26 or 27 hours, if you wake up before the sunrise and go to bed late and exhausted, if you would love to get in shape but you don’t have the time or the will to sign up fo r a gym… then you are one of us!!

And why is Life Warrior so different from all those other training blogs and websites? Well, that’s it. We are Life Warriors ourselves. We don’t tell you a story, we live it: we are parents, well into our forties and we don’t have beach bodies (although we are not that bad for our age hahahahaha). Here you won’t find shirtless jacked athletes performing amazing deeds soaked in baby oil (sorry if that is what you were looking for). Here you will see everyday people performing normal exercises you can do at home.

We won’t make impossible promises, like getting your dream body without any effort (unless you dream of a chubby body), lose fat without being hungry or gain 20kg of muscle without touching a barbell. However, if you want to get in shape for everyday life in a funny, varied and amusing way, with trainings that will rarely go beyond 30 minutes, we hope you will like our proposal.

And what do we mean with “getting in shape for everyday life”? Well, it means getting ready for the challenges we face with our everyday life: a sprint to catch the bus, carry your kids in your arms, carry heavy luggage or heavy grocery bags, go for a hike in the mountains…

If you can relate to those challenges, take a step forward and join our journey. It will be hard, many days you will not find the energy, it will be challenging to find the energy and the will, especially the first days… but if you stick with us and you are able to install the habit in you, you will have won. Nothing will ever get between you and your best version. Don’t hesitate anymore and join us!!

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Vince Lombardi